my DIY projector is for sale

I am selling the parts for my DIY projector, it has served me well for over a year now. The lady in my life has decided that what I really need is a big screen TV, so the projector has just been taken down.

I am selling it as a set of parts, except for the ballast which is a bit dodgy and so I am not willing to take money for that. Also not selling the box, which is very heavy 19mm MDF, and larger than it needed to be, because I was allowing room for future upgrades to a larger LCD panel.

I have some photos of the unit here: Just click on each pic for larger view.

I spent about AU$800 (US$700) putting this projector together. I am happy to help someone get started, so am open to any reasonable offer. I am in Australia. I am not selling parts separately at this stage; that will happen on ebay if nobody here is interested. Email me at [email protected]