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my DIY projector for sale, inquire within

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hey everyone. well, the new job is working out, so im selling the old projector and planning on getting a DLP by xmas time. some of you know the project, but others might not, so ill explain what it is. i took an nview spectraC (earlier revision) and directly mounted it to a 3500 lumen apollo projector. its pretty much sealed, so the amount of light leakage is minimal, and since the screen is only inches from the stage surface, it reduces the screen door effect as well. its a pretty slick little unit, its just a bit big, and of course the spectraC is only 640x480, and im looking for a DLP that does SXGA or something. but its prefectly good.

the only downside is it has a couple bad pixels in the bottom... they are just solid blue. however, when they are white or a bright color, you cant tell they are there. so, the windows task bar covers them up most of the time. and for any widescreen or letterbox movie, they arent seen (if you crop the picture).

however, im throwing in 2 extra bulbs. the bulb has like 20 hours on it right now (i think its a couple hundred hour life...). so, it has some good life on it (its the third ive used, so its pretty new), and then the additional 2 that are still in the box.

as well as that, all necessary cables and AC adapters too. everything but a screen really. here are some pics of the unit (which looks pretty ghetto, but you can modify it to look better of course), and its output.

this is taken with a crappy 0.8 megapixel camera on my da-lite screen, 80". so the diagonal is like like 100" or so. the blurryness is the camera. its actually pretty sharp.


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I am interested. I send you an email but not sureif you will recieve it. pls shootme an email to REMOVED EMAIL** so talk about the price etc...

**Click the email button below to contact me

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