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2016-06-18 7:38 pm
I've fiddled around with electronics a bunch in the past. A while ago a buddy of mine was talking about making a suitcase system, I was intrigued and the rest was history. Learned a lot from version 1 - for instance a pressed cardboard suitcase makes for a pretty poor speaker cabinet! Anyhow time has passed and I finally decided to build myself one.

Main goals:

- Must be able to clip it on a bike
- Minimum 5 hours play time at full volume, longer is better
- Light weight
- Lots of bass (essentially exclusively used outdoors)
- Low cost

I had a 10" subwoofer left over from our last build so that became a key part of the whole setup. I settled upon a carry on sized vintage suitcase so there wasn't much room but the 10" fit along with a pair of 4" coaxial drivers. Again the goal was cheap and bike capable - parts have been chosen with this in mind. Out first version has been beat around A LOT; drivers with some sort of mechanical protection sound better than quality drivers with a tree branch through them!

Basic parts list:

- TPA3116 2.1 board off Amazib
- Pyle 10" marine sub
- Boss 4" 'Skull' coaxials (the skulls protect the drivers)
- 6S LiPo batteries (2)

Heres how she looks:


The Build:




Night shot - the "skull" speakers have light up eyes...


Hope you like it!


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