• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

My 6N23P tubes


2007-11-15 3:09 pm
OK, from advice from learned people here, when replacing the chinese tubes in my amp, I first purchased some VOSKHOD 6N1P's. These were nice and I have been listening to them for some time. Noticeably better than the chinese tubes.

Then someone suggested 6N23P tubes were the best of the breed, or true ECC88's. So I grab 4 from an ebayer. I expected all of them to be VOSKHOD rockets, as pictured, but only 2 where. The other 2 were REFLECTORs. I don't minds this stuff up as I get to audition a great variety of tubes.

I can often suffer from psychosomatics, where I expect or want a tube to sound better or sound a certain way. Especially if I have been waiting a month for post from Russia. If I am suffering now, so be it. The REFLECTOR tubes sound great. The same or marginally better than the VOSKHOD 6N1P's. I have yet to audition the VOSKHOD 6N23P's.

My cheapass multimeter also made it from china, which means I can now start risking death and loss of fingers inside the amp :bawling:


2008-01-09 12:50 am
i DIY my first tube preamp is using EH 6922 noise level are low at first sound harsh top end abit annoying than i let it burn in for abt 200 hours now sound are better but when listen female vocal is thin n birght but this EH 6922 respond are fast n dynamic than i change to VOSKHOD 6N1P-EB at first i scared cant be use because 6N1P-EB have higher voltage plug it wow lucky can use

when plug in i feel the different already sound more relax n cham warm sounding .... detail wise slightly lesser compare to 6922.after burn in the sound are more relax n warm sounding female vocal are thick bass are deep but EH 6922 sound more transparent but not warm ....

i just bought 6N23P from ebay item is from russia need to wait for 2-3 week to arrived :(

my 6N1P-EB buffer


2008-01-09 12:50 am
puginfo said:
L700, maybe you can post the 6922 buffer amp cct diagram for us to have a look. thks

hi puginfo u from K.L also ... which part of K.L we can come out for a drink :)

actually i get this diagram from taiwan website
they provide everything even the PCB diagram soo can make ur own board :)

actually i also dunno read chinese or mandarin u just translate it if u need.

my 6N23P just arrived already burn in for more than 10 hours but sound abit mellow and laid back compare to 6N1P-EB... just let it run for another few days n see


2009-01-12 8:00 pm

i use 6n23p with boxed anodes voskhod 1972 otk in my parralen se amp with dual sv83 end stage and it sounds amazing , i tryed 6n1p ev and tesla e88cc goldpins [made in techoslovakia in the good old times ] nothing to see with the jj crap that comes nowadays from there ,
in a other se sv 83 amp a tesla e 88cc sounds the best .and in my set kt88 amp a 6n1p ev [1977 voshod otk] sounds the best ,i use led biasing for these tubes in all my amps :deer:
it just proves it the combination of the tubes what makes the sound good
with some amps the 6n23p will sound better by a other the 6n1p ev
:) most inportant is you use good quality tubes from a good production year
grtz seel34