My 1st DIY; an Aleph-X!?!?

This is my first DIY project, and my first post. I've been reading your wonderful forum for a couple of months, and you guys are great. This is a wealth of knowledge! Many thanks to all, but a special thanks to Mr. Nelson Pass, the Picasso of audio. We all appreciate your generousity. Thanks also to Grey Rollins for having the drive to tackle and share Mr. Pass's Aleph-X project.

I have pictured below my first project. I've not yet finished the panels obviously. I'm saving them for last because I've never worked with metal before. What you see was used on the maiden voyage of a recently purchased small craftsman tablesaw and bench top drill press. I hope to be able to make a 200watt Aleph-X with these heatsinks. They are 3x7x9 and have a thermal resistace of 0.47 °C/W. The overall case saize is 9 tall x 18 wide and 21 long. They are allready heavy, I can't wait to finish them. My plan is +/-22v rails and 12amps of bias. This will give me the 200 watts @ 4 ohms I'm looking for. My next purchase will be tranformers. I currently have 14 caps, 40v 34,000uf, and 16 resistors, .5ohm 50w dale. I am planning on a CRCRC.

I have a few questions:
1. Will 1.5kVA be necessary or will 1.0 - 1.2kVA be acceptable?
2. Plitron or Victoria Magnetics? Niether have been very responsive to emails...?
3. I am thinking 20v secondaries, am I close?
4. Am I insane to try this as a first project?

Actually I'm quite sane, but losing my sanity slowly as I finish up my econ/finance degree at Olivet Nazarene University. That's about an hour south of Chicago. As classes seem less interesting I spend more late nights reading the Aleph-X thread.

Any and all advice is appreciated.

Patrick Mahoney

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Nelson Pass

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2001-03-29 12:38 am
It all looks pretty good. Your numbers make sense and the
sinking will be about adequate - if not, then blow a little air
across them. I use Plitron, but have heard good things about
Victoria magnetics. I think the 1.2 KVA will be fine.

So good luck, matey.

Thanks a bunch!

Mr. Pass,
Thank you for the kind words.

I never expected the first response to be from, "the one and only." I just wanted to add my that my top and bottom plates will be partially covering the heatsinks. I have decided the top plate will be the full 18x21 but with holes cut in it 1/2" in at all sides of each sink. This makes the holes 2x6. This may be unclear, but the attached image explains my design. The top and bottom plate will be identical. I know it's not the most unique design out there, but I wanted to do ?!something!? different.


PS What a relief that the 1.2kVA will be enough. My wallet is relieved.

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