My 100% diy chasis.

Well, since everyone is showing pics of their pretty projects, I thought I might as well show some of mine. This is just something I put together for a friend of my dads. Ain't anywhere near HPotters quality of work, but then again, I'm a relative newbie, and deffinately not a pro. But still, I'm rather proud of the looks of it. Plus, it's all diy, no commercial stuff here...


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Actually, my heatsink construction was based on my own design. Although it does share some simmilarities with the link you posted fcel. As for the heatsinks, not entirely me, one of my fathers friends is a machinist, and he helped me out. Originaly I was going to go with the heatsinks carved out of a singel block of Al, but it turns there were easier ways (who would of thought) so it ended up being done by cutting all the fins, and then cutting little 1cm strips, bolting it all together and then having the bottom machined down until perfectly flat. It's really hard to tell that it's not one piece from the bottom, although I don't think it'll give as good performance as a machined block of metal, but probably pretty close.

As for a look inside, the insides aren't finished yet. Will be done monday (when my mica pads get here). It's basicall a dual mono, medium powered Class-AB amp (I know, the heatsinks are way oversized, but cooler is better).

My real pride and joy are still coming along, will show those when they're all done, same design, but heatsinks are 4 times the size, it's raher huge and is taking forever to polish all the Al for it, two chasis, each for a dual mono Power Follower 99c.