MX50SE & MX50X2

for this build:
1. tight and dense installation
2. weak power supply blocking capacitors of only 100 µF - this is not enough
3. You may need to adjust the initial current of the output transistors and adjust the zero at the amplifier output - unfortunately, these trimmers for adjustment are not on the board
4. You will need to adjust the sensitivity - increase the resistor from 330 ohms to 680 ohms
5. I don’t recommend more than +/-36 volts of power supply - the driver transistor will get very hot. At a lower supply voltage, the sensitivity should be further reduced by increasing the resistor to 1 kOhm.

due to sound correction Millers it gives a slightly “muffled” sound, but if you compare it with nothing - tolerable, for low frequencies it is better to use an acoustic system with a sensitivity of 91 dB. It is difficult to cope with reference acoustics.
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