must-have music DVD, which?

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Buena Vista Social Club

Real Live Roadrunning (marc knopler/emmylou harris sp?) Isn't bad either.

Sting has a musical presentation which I don't recall the name of where he plays a lot of oud with another gent. It should be decent quality. (but the HD feed I watched had the audio all messed up on sync. I also dont think it was live.)

Not jazz, but good folky music I enjoy.
Allison Moorer - Show


Cowboy Junkies - Trinity Revisited

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John C.
Greg, you might like Diana Krall, Live in Paris.

Light Piano & Female Vocal Jazz, small orchestral accompaniment.
Rather mellow. Reasonable recording of the piano but the vocals are excellent.

Most DVD players have terrible audio DACs, make sure you use digital connection between AV receiver and DVD player.
If you dont have a reasoinable AV receiver then consifer an external DAC, it's usually cheaper than a DVD player with good audio.

I find DVDs have much better imaging than CDs....
As I have just posted in another thread, one of my favourite music DVDs is of Mylène Farmer's 2006 concert at the Bèrcy Sports Stadium in Paris.
The concert was Avant Que L'ombre and this is the track of the same name, closing song for the concert. This video does the original no justice whatsoever.

The images are projected on a curtain of falling water. Impressed the hell out of me.

My DVD and TV are of the cheap and cheerful variety but I took my disc into the hifi shop where my preamp was receiving surgery and played it on a £52,000 system. It killed the system and they had to reboot it to get it to work and blamed it on the fact that she was "singing in foreign" but it was absolutely stunning on that system.

I bought the nerds "Box Set Limited Edition" version of this at stupendous expense to the management but there are cheaper versions available

Apart from that I would say any DVD by Mylène but then I am rather biased. This one knocks my socks off:
Pas Les Temps Du Vivre from her Mylenium Tour. (H R Geiger did the set for her)There is a story behind this that I won't go into now. This was the one that sold her to me while looking for Dead Can Dance videos.

Her partner, Laurant Boutonnat, is a film maker and they have turned out some spectacular videos between them, and a feature film, so they have some experience with this.

Three of my top choices are £^%* Them All
Comme J'ai Mal.

I will also echo the recommendation of the Loreena McKennit "Nights At The Alhambra", an exquisite performance.

Penelope's Song. Don't make the mistake of thinking that this is in any way representative of the quality of the DVD.
For jazz I really like Batricia Barber - Nightclub is my favorite. Thumbs up for Diana Krall too.

If anyone's into dance/eletronic, try BT. He does a lot of his own mastering, and his CDs are always really nicely produced. IMA is pretty dancey, ESCM leans a little more into drum and bass (good drum and bass, not the stuff you hear pumping out of corsas with bad bodykits), Movement in Still Life has a sweet hip-hop influence, Emotional Technology is an interesting look at pop, and his new album This Binary Universe almost defies categorisation. The new album also comes with a DVD with all the tracks in 5.1 surround. Not just dubbed randomly into 5.1 though, he actually composed the tracks that way. I've not actually had a chance to try it on a decent 5.1 system yet, but I'd bet good money it wont disappoint :)

There's my 2p anyway
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