Musical Fidelity P270

This sublime sounding, 45kg (100lb), hot running Tim DeParavicini designed delight has been gathering dust on my equipment shelf for a year and a half now, (having started smouldering one evening) while other audio projects have taken prominence.

I'm now ready to leap in, scope and soldering iron all fired up, but unfortunately, I don't have a schematic. Anyone out there able to help me out?

Thanks in advance.

I just fixed a MF A220, class-a amp and the chassis really gets
hot; yours might have the same circuit. I sketched the circuit,
which I always try to do when I'm fixing an amp, and I was
surprised to find out that the A220 is a clone of the 1977 Hitachi
100w amp but instead of the Hitachi 2sk135/J49 the A220 uses
the Buz900/905 mosfets, 2 pairs in all with PSU of +-42volts.
In fact, this 1977 design had been one of Maplin's popular
diy amp.
You'll get the schematic easily. I don't know yet how to send
diagrams through the web!
Would it be possible for you to e-mail the schemtic to me also.
I've just replaced a faulty BC414 NPN, but in doing so, I snapped off one of the 7 polypropolene caps and can't repair it.
It's the caps with "Specially made for Musical Fidelity" on. I can't see what the value is, other than SC3261uK 250Vac. If you know this value, then I would be very grateful for any information that you have.
Musical Fidelity P270-2 Reference!


Recently I bough this "Musical Fidelity P270-2 Reference" power amp, but I haven't find any info about it:
Google Dịch

Please help me to know some technical specs or experiences of using this rare pow. I'm also interested in the schematics for the P270 mkI.
Thank you very much!