Musical Fidelity MC-6 Loudspeaker

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Don't bother


Not bad. (Musical Fidelity's MC series of loudspeakers were generally underated), but nonetheless, I'd steer clear. Both the MC-5 and MC-6 will fill the room, but have an almost non-existent soundstage, (that's upward facing drivers for you) together with that classic '80's 'plastic cone/metal dome' sound.

If you absolutely must have an example of Musical fidelity's MC range of loudspeakers, try and get your hands on a pair of MC-2's, or any of the smaller speakers featuring the translucent TPX main driver. Much better.
Oh well, thanks for a quick honest reply. Like you said they do fill up the room alright. No I'm not desperate to get my hands on any MC series but they are there and cheap so....
Do you think that maybe 'updating' the drivers will help in any way. The 2 bottom drivers + the back tweeter are Audax but I haven't got a clue for the remaining 4 drivers + front tweeter.
Have you ? Maybe Audax do improved versions of these drivers ?

Thank you, ;)


For the cost involved, you'd be far, far better off taking the plunge into a loudspeaker project.

I won't bother posting links, but the performance you would get for the cost of a pair of MC-6's plus relacement drivers would leave you gobsmacked.

In any case the MC-6 cabinet is only 18mm MDY (if memory serves).

Musical Fidelity MC 6s

:xeye: I know this reply is many years late but I am puzzled why I always see posts about MC6s stating the upward facing drivers destroy soundstage, THE MC6S DONT HAVE UPWARD FACING DRIVERS, and before anyone tries to correct me. I am sat 6ft from a pair enjoying a very underrated audio experience and they patently DO NOT HAVE ANY DRIVERS FACING UPWARD. They are however designed to emulate a dipole with several drivers facing both forward and backward. Their main problem is the amount of space they need to breath.
Musical Fidelity MC6

I have to agree with Keith here, MC6 being my favourites, Owned MC4s (Mk1) when they came out, MC5s were awful muddy sounding with upward firing drivers that did little.
Just found a pair of MC6s for sale and good to have them back after so long, though this pair are none biwireable, the ones I had 20 years ago were.

Wonder if possible to mod them as would love to biamp them ?
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