Musical Fidelity A3 CD Player Clock Frequency?

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So if i'm buying a tent labs clock, which one should i get? The 16.9344 mhz version? This is going into the reclocking stage in an external dac. I just want the tent labs clock to be synchronous with the one inside the cd player so I won't be dropping bits.


I forgot that the mother of all digital audio ICs can also do ASRC. Like there isn't enough functions on it already to confuse the hell out of us.

I dunno......if it were mine.......I would still sync them up. Some "experts" claim that ASRCs do not really get rid of jitter: they just shove it to some range that doesn't muck up stuff. But what do I know? I'm only an RF engineer. why 24 MHz??? From what I could decipher, you could go higher. Yes/no?

Over to you, Signoro Bit Head. You understand all this digital codswallop.


I was confused as well!!! For this reason (and the fact I had only partial circuit diagram - a bad photocopy) I decided to introduce separate low noise +5V power supplies for each oscillator with my favourite combination for local-close-to-the-oscillator decoupling: 0.1uF/50V NX + ferrite bead(s). One supply for 24 and the other for 16.9MHz. Search for: musical-fidelity-a3.24 mods . The end result was very good!

I will scan what circuit diagram I have at home and post on this thread. Maybe someone could figure out what's going on and make things clearer.

I'm at work (HA!) at the moment, will scan and post in 10 or so hours.

I modified A3.24 upsampling CD player, but have circuit diagram for DAC as well. I'll check again both diagrams but they looked the same - DAC has discrete buffer as the second LPF stage (capable of spitting out 5 or 6 AMPS with a proper power supply!!), where CD player has IC's.

I can e-mail both diagrams to people who'd like to have a look. They are:
1. A3.24 DAC
2. A3 CD Player

The copies are very bad, but might give some hints to questions in this topic. The units are different not only in analog section, but in digital as well.

I have scanned A3 CD player circuit diagram and will try to post them here as well.



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