Music with Hz

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Speaker Dork...Merry Christmas...

I think Solve is asking for some good references to real music with a very wide bandwidth...

Tel Arc used to have a demonstrator that had actual 16Hz cannon blasts in it. And obviously orchestral music as well. Also American Gramophone had the Chip Davis/Fresh Aire Series, high energy "fusion"?...
All I know is if the Fresh Aire stuff is played on anything that sux, it sounds terrible. Michael Jackson's "Beat it" can be ruthlessly revealing.

I personally like Mary Black, so I use her voice often to check systems..."Song for Ireland" is a particularly difficult test for the top end of speakers, sources and amps.

"Kodo Drums" may also be a great test for bass.

Sub-Bass movies

One movie which is particularly taxing on my system is the Pixar creation "The Incredibles".
One scene in particular is toward the beginning with 'Mr Incredibles' 'turbine' superhero car. The foley artist who created the sound just turned down the frequency to zero as said turbine engine wound down to zero ...or nearly so.
That soundtrack is brutal as the amplitude is high & the frequency just keeps on going down.
Where it bottoms out , I don't know....I have no scope to measure it!
Yes!Something like that is what im asking for.
Michael Jackson-Beat It is an typical very good production mix
for me.
I was amazed when i heard it in my clock radio and still
heard every instrument.

But still...the reference mix.
What is it?
The low 20-30 hz to the middle with female song-hard,we are sensitive there in our hearing-up to cymbals with timbre that often distort.
In an short time?
I mean our musical memory is short.

Its Christmas and i hang out a tree...and im out over Pole Circle.
Its dark here...
The sun never rise just now...

But having an single malt and surfing on my father in laws
slow ADSL make some happy.

Anyway im posting this impossible 20-20 000khz problem
in fullrange because im sure you understand it...

I still trying Behringer 2496-two way.
Not convinced!

I know im been unfaithful !

But now im back!

And asking people who knows what it is!

Merry Chritsmas!

Yes,got some answers to look up when i come home from the desert.
Scottmoose said:
Seconded about Loreena. The Mystic's Dream is the opening of Nights from the Alhambra. Every hair on your body will stand on end.

but not for the same reasons, from the same session:

Penelope's Song
Dante's Prayer

if tissues aren't required part of the listening kit for these two, you know the system is holding a little something back

I don't think you need to be knocked out of your chair by the dynamics or simple SPL to be blown away
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