Music broadcast over lan?


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2007-06-10 12:41 pm
The basic idea is that one computer plays music and at the same time broadcasts the music over the network. Complications are that delay must be minimised such that systems are in sync. Typicaly this means a delay on the sending computer before it outputs through its soundcard.

I have had this working using pulse audio on ubuntu server and debian client but playback broke down after a few seconds and RTP packets cause problems with our router due to its wi-fi component.

Just wondering if anyone has managed anything simlar or had another way of doing this.
foobar2000 with foo_upnp

I think this system is perfect. I have several upnp media renderers around the house ( SMCWAA-G, discontinued but some on ebay ). foo_upnp can stream anything to any renderer. I also have a upnp receiver and it works with foo_upnp.

My only caveat is make sure the computer that is running foobar2000 is hardwired to the network. I had huge problems with dropouts until I was able to make this change.

You can also create playlists of internet radio stations and use SiriusXMStreamer for playlists of Sirius channels. All this content and any downloaded music in just about any format can be streamed to a renderer or another computer.

Look at Hydrogenaudio Forums - Portal for lots of forums on foobar2000