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Mundorf capacitors/ CDE/TRW/Wonder

Mundorf capacitors for sale:total price each line.

2x 6.8uf 1200v silver/oil new $110.
2x 0.1uf 1200v silver/oil new $30.
4x 1.0uf 1200v silver/oil use for test,wire full length $90.
2x 0.1uf 1200v supreme new $13.
2x 8.2uf 800v supreme used,wire full length $40.

20x CDE .5Uf 2000vdc,paper/oil grey metal can,porcelain post,come with 2 nuts mine for over 30 years, new old stock ,
$32. for 4

4x TRW 2uf 400v NOS $8.

8x Wonder 8.0 uf 200v used short wire,but very usable.
2x Wonder 4.0 uf 425v used short wire,but very usable.
All ten pcs for $50.
All +shipping:::::::::::MINIMUM ORDER 60$
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