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Mumetal For Sale

hifi said:
sorry if i mess upp the thread but use tube based circuits those arent affected of the EMP witch a nuclear detonation causes...


You beat me to that comment, but i was wondering what happens to the SS CCS if you are using them.

To answer the original question... well i have no real idea. Any Nuclear/EMP experts?

I would suppose that there would be a range from the blast where a piece of gear completely enclosed in mumetal would survive and one ithout would not, but i wouldn't hazard a guess as to how wide this band would be.


Here is some feedback i just got wrt the mumetals effectiveness shielding TVs from the speakers magnetic field:

Really easy to apply. I applied to layered sheets on the side of the cabinet closest to the screen. I had to do this in two sections due to the speaker being a 3-way and having 3 total drivers (two driver cabinet partitions). Then I wrapped each individual magnet with two layers of mumetal for additional reflectivity of magnetic fields (I read on the site it is better to make a cone or tube around the source than a horizontal side). I took one of the larger 6.5" drivers and held it close to the tv when it was turned on and compared to the un-treated driver it does increase the shielding dramatically. Really easy install and fun to mess with.