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Hi, Jenks here.

I've been trying desperately to get a circuit (bass preamp) simulating in multisim for weeks, unto no avail! I was wondering if there is anybody out there whom is rather good at multisim and is willing to assist a confused :)confused: ha) student in his bass preamp/overdrive/D.I endeavour!



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    graphic eq schematic.gif
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Hi DJK! Thanks for your reply. I've tried connecting the op-amp to both positive and negative terminals of a battery from both +ive & -ive terminals of the op-amp but that doesn't seem to work either! grr.

Any advice on which op-amps to use with unbalanced audio and how to power them would be greatly appreciated!

multisim is a pain!

Alright, I've got two OPA627 op-amps in there now and they're correctly powered but when I alter the potentiometers the gain across the entire frequency response of the input signal alters as opposed to being frequency specific like it should! Grr...

Any ideas? (see attached for schematic)


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    graphic eq (better op amps).gif
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