Multisection Can Caps Vs. Individual Electrolytics

I've been doing some reading on replacing the multi-section can-type caps in my old amp. They're hard to find FP types and I've been unable to locate exact matches. offers to build new cans to whatever specs you send but I don't really see the rationale for keeping the can-types when I could just replace them with the appropriate number and type of modern electrolytics. For all intent and purpose, custom-made cans just feature small electrolytics crammed up in the can, right? Does anyone have an opinion one way or the other?
It is getting hard to find sectional caps and using separates works just fine. I usually up the microfarads when I go through an old one, but most of the old caps are ok if you warm them up for a long time on a variac. New ones need that too. Nichicon now has an audio grade electrolitic line out but the highest voltage is 100VDC. LCR has 2 section caps that will take 500 VDC and you can get them from Welborne Labs, and I am sure other places as well. Good caps.