Multiple power transformers?


2002-10-16 8:35 am
I think this is the section for this question.

I did search, but I couldn't seem to find any material actually answering this question. Try not to laugh, ok - I'm 40, and electronics is a 20 year old memory to me. I want to build some audio power amplifiers, and I have the same problems everyone does - finding parts.

Is it possible to use multiple transformers to gain current?

Would it be wiser or more effective to wire the outputs of separate supplies (i.e. after the rectifier and capacitors of a simple unregulated supply) in parallel?

Can one wire two transformers in series, essentially using the common lead as a center tap?

Many thanks


2001-11-08 12:49 pm

Yes it's possible to wire transformers in parallel, you can do so if they are of the same type and have low tolerances.
The safer way is to connect them after the rectifier, this way there is no problem with difference currents bettween bad matching transformers.
You also can wire the secondaries in series with the center tap as common, this is a must if you need a symmetrical power supply.
Take care for correct fusing.