multipin power cable connector

hi, I want to have my psu transformers in a seperate chassis from the other components....There are three transformers and a total of 10 wires...these provide the juice for my valves...I need a chassis mounted multi pin a 10 pin iec socket set up I can easily and safely disconnect .. the chassis mount to go on the valve chassis and the male or female partner to be on the end of the cable...sort of like a high voltage "quad bus link " set up would be ideal....can any one give me a link to a suitable connector??? Alan
I like the look of the molex 3312 on page 1418 of the Mouser catalog. They have solder terminals available. I cut square holes in sheet metal by drilling the 4 corners, connecting the dots with a sabre saw, filing out the square corners as required. They are like the old Jones plugs, but can't be plugged in even halfway, backwards.
amphenol hybrid TW series Dsub and the socket and the insane 6AWG high current pins and sockets

these same connector housings can be used as chassis mount parts and also mounted in the Dsub housing. I use these on my poretable sabre dac for fast charging my LiFePo4 pack at up to 10A with an RC charger and they will go MUCH higher current than that. also you can get 14AWG and 10AWG pins and various other combinations of pins in the same type housings, you can for instance have 7 4A pins and 3 high current, or in the same housing have high current coaxial shielded pins. the above is just an example, there are others with a larger number of contacts, but not all these masive gauge ones tghis is the largest number of those you can have at 8, but there will be one that suits
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