Multimeter for laser adjustment for Pioneer CD Player PD-S503

Normally the laser (power) should not be adjusted. You can destroy the laser by attempting to do it. If the player does not read CDs then the problem could be somewhere else. Find the eye pattern test point on the PCB (again, it should be in the service manual), attach an oscilloscope, and.... follow the instructions. There is no easier way. I don't know Pioneers, but some CD players have self test function that helps you narrow down the problem. What is the actual issue with your CD player?
At first it skipped reading track no.1 try, retry, retry, dead point disc spinning, end posibility to retry play of disk available. I have fiddled with the radial direction screw on the laser cart and now it work fine and skips like originaly adjusted Pioneer CD-players, timing enstablished by ear as I had a PD-7700 last year adjusted in Wien 70Euro, but my question is not to have an uneaven voltage at one possible to be measured pot as I could take action into it with a multimeter and have it brought within the corect parameters. I know it sounds idiotic but since i have it here, why not.
Oh, and the lens fell off when I have received it because of the transportation or maybe it was already a fall-down part before the transportation! anyways i have cleaned it thoroughly and softly with an and technical alcohol and afterwards with a dry clean ear coton swab stick, after wich I have placed it back in it's original position and placed around almost one half of a very good supergle at a thin film layer thickness allaround with the tip of a straight small electronist screwdriver, and waited to dry. Afterwards came the adjustment process uppon it for it to be had done!