Multimedia Speaker


2001-11-10 9:16 am

I'm designing a multimedia console, that is to be "produced" in a little quantity.
In it I would like to have amplified speakers (exactly what you can find in PC industry)...
but I don't want to buy those PC speaker, extract them (and the amplifier) from the case...

So my question is:
where could I find the speakers and amp only (not mounted in plastic box)...Where those integrators find their components ?

Thanks very much ;-)
I think a lot of them probably use the Amplifier IC's from national semi or TI. Use really cheap wall mount AC-DC converters. bipolar electrolytics for teh crossover if there even is one. I don't personally know where to get a good price on small cheapish shielded drivers. madisound has them in the 20-40 dollar range. You could try contacting an OEM manufacturer like Eminence and ask about over runs or extras. I have heard they are pretty helpful with stuff like that.