Multidriver impedance load


2001-08-01 7:15 pm
I intend to build a 3-way speaker with multiple drivers in each range.
Coupling of the drivers in order to achive the desired impedance load, will, in the bass section, lead to 3 drivers in series and one in paralell (tot. 4 drivers, all identical) ie. asymetrically grouped.
With a nom. impedance of each driver = 8 ohm, the bass system imp. load will be 6 ohm.
My questions is:
Will each of the four drivers play equally loud, and if so, is there a formular to calculate increase in sensitivity as a result of a 2 ohm lower imp.
I'd advise against doing it. Yes, you can get the impedance to come out to various values,, the drivers will not be loaded evenly.
Sit down with a piece of scratch paper and pretend that the drivers are ordinary 8 ohm resistors. Lay out the various ways to hook up the drivers and analyze the current through each leg of the circuit. Keep in mind that for each driver to work equally, they must each receive equal current.
If you want to hook drivers together, there are really only two options: series or parallel.