Multichannel Relay Mute PCB

Folks, Has anyone come across a multichannel relay "instant mute"/"delay on" small signal PCB? I need one to mount in an electronic crossover to prevent accidental pops and damage to speaker drivers. 6 channels total. There are loads with high current relays, but I need small signal relays. Cheers.
Yes, I came across this Arduino name, but have no clue what it means. Basically I imagine connecting the relay delayed “on” circuit (i.e. lift output from ground) to the positive power supply rails, or maybe a separate rectifier. Instant relay “off” (I.e short output to ground) when power is off.
You can take for example such PCB, remove the power relay and use its power pins to power low power signal relays. The power relay has about 0.3W power rating which is enough to power three Omron G6K signal relays (0.1 W coil rating each).

But a speaker-level DC-fault detector wouldn't be sensitive enough for small signal levels. The whole circuit would need redesignng I think.
Not sure. It should be sufficient with a delay before the crossover output is live, and an instant mute when power to the crossover is lost. DC on the output should not be a problem due to the transformers. I ordered some of those 1 euro delay boards Oleg suggested to see how they might work time and power supply wise. If ok, I can control a battery of of small signal relays...


2007-10-14 4:30 am
You could probably go all solid state - see Fig 4 here -

VOM1271 Photovoltaic MOSFET Driver Circuits

Almost the same schematic (using TLP3906 instead of VOM1271)
is used in Post 491 for the Headphone amp DC protection -

Ready-to-Run (RTR) SSR DC Speaker Protection and Delay GB

All you need are the parts to the right of R21 of the schematic in the above post.
It gives you a small delay controlled by C11 and has a really small part count.

Rod Elliott's site has a lot of very useful information -

ESP - MOSFET Solid State Relays

ESP - MOSFET Solid State Relays