Multi Zone PA System


2016-02-19 11:22 am
I would be grateful for some assistance.

I am looking to purchase a 5 to 8 zone (8 preferred but selling to compromise on 5) public announcement system for a community centre.

- The background noise is very low and therefore a loud system is not required.

- We would like to page from 2 different locations approx 15metres from where we are looking to locate the amplifier.

- Each zone will have a single speaker/horn only.

- The complete floor area for the building is 2000 Sq ft so it's not particularly large.

- The system will be used for voice announcements and not music.

We are in the UK and the system I have been recommended is the MONACOR PA-6240 6 channel mixer amplifier with their associated desktop mics.

The setup is coming to £2,000 which I'm finding rather expensive for simply announcing messages in different areas.

Can anybody suggest a cheaper system or means to achieve this?

Thanks in advance