Multi Channel Analog Output DAC

We are planing on using Audacity's multi track feature to lay down 4 stereo channels from digital files but we need a USB DAC device that can communicate with Audacity via USB and output all 4 stereo channels (or 8 mono tracks) separately but all at the same time and converts them to separate analog line level outputs with no mixing just separate channels with 8 RCA output connectors or 4 1/4" stereo output jacks.

What that device would be and where can we get it? Accepting 44.1/16 files only is okay since our source files are 44.1/16 anyway.

I'm helping an old school friend who's recording 8-track tapes (in 2019), We have a modified 8-track machine with 8 track head (8 heads stacked in a singe housing, it was hard to find) so recording 8 tracks is done in one pass and we added 4 stereo record head pre-amps from other 8-track machines each pre-amp is equipped with 2 RCA line level inputs (total 8) and record level knobs.
I got an e-mail from GIGAPORT HD+ support telling me that Audacity wouldn't work because it's a stereo software, it doesn't playback more than two tracks at a time, So what is the easiest multi track software that I can get for either free or cheap enough for the task, I'm not a sound engineer so my knowledge in multi track software is very limited.

Here is the exact copy of the e-mail:

thank you for your inquiry.

Audacity is a Stereo (2 channel) software application, if you want to play out 8 independent tracks at the same time.
You need a software application that support the ASIO 2.0 driver, a DAW, like Bitwig, Cubase or ProTools……

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