Mullard FM tuner

About five years ago during some web trawling I happened across a Mullard article for a homebuild (!) valve (tube) FM tuner. It was straightforward mono design RF amp/osc-IF-detector stages (no stereo decoder). I would say the year was probably "nineteen sixties" and used the modern valves we are all accustomed to.

I was fascinated, and thought I had saved the file, but it seems to have since disappeared.

It was in the same format as their project articles in the famous "Mullard Tube Circuits for Audio Amplifiers" book, however the tuner project does not appear in either the originals or the reprints of the book.

I guess it could also have been a magazine article but I'm sure it was attributed to Mullard and not just because of the valves used.

Has anyone else seen this, or have a copy or link?

Thanks in advance,
Never mind - I found it....


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Hi all,
not sure when exactly Blu-glo(Simon) was going to share that article. and I was supremely curious as I'm a big vintage tuner fan, I went hunting and found it or at least a version of the article that was later pulled into the compilation he teased us with.



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