MTX Thunder 1501D


2016-05-01 2:17 pm
Thanks for the reply. Sorry about this I should have been more specific. R247 is located next to FET 247 on the power supply section. FET 247 had failed on this amplifier and I had replaced all of the FETS as a result. Never powered up the amp as yet. Just worried now about the value of R247. Hoping the value is not critical. Thanks for your help!


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I stand under correction Perry. You are correct. There are only 4 of these resistors which are 4.75 ohms which are R245, R246, R247 & R249. I had imported the FETS & resistors from overseas as these weren't available in my country. The resistors came in a bag labelled with a part number: CRCW06034R75FKEA which is confusing me because this part number is a 4.75 ohm resistor. If I look at the actual marking on the resistor, it is marked 4R7. Tried looking up the data sheet for the resistor part number which shows a generic coding structure & does not prove useful. Measuring with a multimeter also wont give accurate results.This is why I am sending this post just to work on the worse case scenario of the resistor values being 4.7 ohm because the marking in no way looks similar to the marking of the original resistor marked 4R75.