MTX Thunder 1500DX

Does anyone have any pics of this amp ?

I need to know the values of the following components.



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You could try MTX but I think that they've gone to the dark side.

I can't understand why manufacturers don't distribute diagrams. There isn't one competent engineer working for an amp designer that couldn't reverse engineer any design out there that doesn't use PICs. For the most part, there is nothing that can't be easily copied. The only people that withholding literature hurts is the service industry.
Back to this amp .

I have a question hopefully someone could answer .

There is 1 transistor missing and could be one of the following MPSA42,56,06

The emitter of the transistor connects to the base of an mpsa42
The base connects to the emitter of an mpsa56
And the emitter connects to the outer legs of the rectifiers .

Does anyone have an idea of what transistor this might be out of the ones listed ?