MTX 81000D smd parts

Good evening guys, I need help with identifying the part numbers for the regulatory stage of the Mtx 81000D.
The FET260 is blown along with; Q264, Q263, D263, R263.
Mr Babin you've supplied a partial schematic on my other thread but I'm having a tad bit of an issue identifying and/or matching some of the parts.
I haven't remove them from the board as yet and I haven't done a trace test with my DMM to simplify the diagram you sent.


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Good day guys does anyone has a partial schematic (or full) of the final output filters and mylar caps connection network of this amp. It’s gotten burnt and becomes conductive it flames and smokes when powers on, I have cutting to do but I would like to know the circuit layout so I can place the small parts on an offset piece of pcb to wire it back to complete the circuit arrangement.