MTM with 5" or 6" bass-mids

I was thinking of a 7" 2-way build, but I think I should look at MTM before committing.

I already have a pair of Monacor SPH 130AL which are aluminium cone, SD80 fs48hz, Qts .32, vas 11L. They are 8 ohms so could be paralleled to give 4 ohms with a 4 ohm tweeter. Sensitivity is 88db.

How good would such a speaker sound? If this is a good idea please mention some other 5" or 6" bass-mids that sound good in existing designs I might consider. I'd be hoping to drive the speakers with a 300b SET so 8 to 10 watts.



2007-10-31 10:16 am
Using 6" drivers in a MTM configurations will benefit from the higher sensitivity. Do you any ideia of which tweeter you will use? To take full advantage of the MTM configuration the tweeter needs to have 91 dB of efficiency, and must be able to cross low. Is the amp able to deal with a low impedance? I think it is, but is better to check first.
I was thinking of the SB-Acoustics SB29RDC. This has a sensitivity quoted as 93db and can be crossed over at 1.5K as I read it. I'm guessing the lower you can cross over with MTM the less problems you have with integrating two mid-bass speakers.

A tube amp has an output transformer, so I would make sure this was wired for 4 ohms out.

Thanks for any more suggestions!



2008-02-21 12:30 pm
Down worry about the tweeter sensitivity. If you do a proper Baffle Step Compensation if your x-over, you wont get more than 87 dB sensitivity from the two midwoofers. With that sensitivity figure, an 8W amp dont seem like a good option to me. If you want good efficiency use some light-weight paper-cone drivers rather than heavy aluminium.
I have to say that I have no experience of designing crossovers. I have the components because I build my own amps, I just don't have any speaker software to calculate stuff with, plus I use a Mac so any software has to work on that. Consequently I know nothing about baffle step compensation, which clearly I should, especially with MTM arrangements.

Actually Zaph shows two designs for the ZA5

Zaph|Audio - ZA5 Speaker Designs with ZA14W08 woofer and Vifa DQ25SC16-04 tweeter

One is a MTM and the other is a 2.5 way with tweeter at the top. Which of these designs is better?