Mr. Pass, I hope you don't mind

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One of my car amp get reviewed by CarAudio magazine. The review is good :D .

In the review, the reporter asked many questions.
Until he asked who is the designer I like. I answered "Nelson Pass". I consider Mr.Pass as my teacher, although I never touch American soil nor meet Mr.Pass face to face.

I hope you don't mind, cause I know you don't take it too seriously about car amps (and multichannel amp/Home theater amps), and I mentioned you in CarAudio magazine, not home amplifier magazine.:D


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Nelson Pass said:
I don't mind at all. I don't always go to the party,
but I always like to be asked.


Dear Mr. Pass,

May I ask you then to take a little look at the little party concerning the My_Ref amp designed by Mr. Mauropenasa...

and above all his technical explication of this particular design:

What is your opninion of that design and the particular (Musical Fidelity) topology? Had you ever seen it before?

It is interesting to note that Mr Mauropenasa also dislikes the typical SS sound found in AB class amplifiers and that he tries to find a more tubelike sound without the need for class A...

I will built his design too and compare it with my DIY Aleph5.
Until now I have never come across anything more musical. So I remain a bit sceptical. However, if it would come close to the Aleph, it would be welcome as a 'summer-amp' because my living room gets pretty hot these days with my Aleph 5.

Remember however, this is only an invitation to take a look...

Kindest regards,

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Mr. Mauropenasa approaches the problem differently than I
would. When looking for warm tube-y sound, my first instinct
is to go with a simple Class A circuit.

I mean no reproach by this; being a minimalist, that's how I
entertain myself. Not having heard his amplifier, I would
nevertheless accept his word that he is happy with the outcome.

Hi all,
Any precise statements:

I Share the Mr. Pass feeling; Our approach to the problem is enough different, and not necessarily my is better than that of the other.

I have not particular critical toward the SS (or tube) classA amp.
Often are my acoustic references, then even believe I that work well. My thought is only that using any techniques and the new low cost chips, it may build a amp with "acoustic characteristic" very similar to a lot of Solid state, then because gathering on systems more expensive ? ( from the mechanical point of view )
In this even Mr. Pass has done school, because even he has not had preconceptions in the use the chipamps in his "susy".

The fact that is compared my circuit with the Mr. Pass works does me pleasure, but never is been my intention. Perhaps is not neither "intellectually corrected".
If my circuit is better than the GCs I have done a good work, if it is may compares with some classA or AB amp I to be happy, all the rest is superfluous...


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