Mr Pass, how do you find SACD?

Did you prefer the Balanced Outputs of SCD-1?

Hi Mr Pass

Thanks for your comments. Dan Anagnos mentioned that he sent you both the SCD-1 and SCD-XA777ES. I own the SCD-XA777ES now, which only have unbalanced RCA outputs, and I am thinking of upgrading it to the SCD-1, in anticipation of the balanced requirements of your amps as well as for my current BAT amps.

Did you find that the balanced outputs of SCD-1 to sound better than its unbalanced RCA outputs? I heard from many users that the design is not true balanced.

I guess what I am asking is whether there is a possibility that the down-stream equipment might work better if the SCD-1 is used in unbalanced mode - i.e. although the pre-amp and amp might be designed to operate more quietly in balanced mode, but the SCD-1's more direct, single-ended outputs might sound better even if matched with a balanced amp design.

I use Dan Anagnos designed speakers, and he's a big proponent of your amps.


Hi Mr Pass

I get it that you ran both type of connections and find the SCD-1 sounding better with single-ended outputs, even though your amps operate quieter with a balanced source?

In that case, do you consider the SCD-1 a worthwhile upgrade over the SCD-XA777ES, if both are to be used with single-end outputs only? It is really hard to get an audtion of both players side by side. SCD-1 is proving hard to get these days, and pre-order is necessary now. Really appreciate your kind patience dealing with an off-topic here.