Mr "overkill and extreme guy" from Sweden


I'm a DIY enthusiast from Sweden. In the daytime I work as a design engineer and in my spare time (recently started) I design extreme performance amps made of ordinary components.

As you can see (if you check my homepage, I'm not the minimalistic guy. I love the design process but I love also to listen to music. I have Martin Logan SL3 electrostatic speakers, my own power amp MOSFET-QRO called (published in a hifi magazine long time ago), my own CS4328 based DAC, DENON preamp, CD and tuner, Hitachi CT-A9X cassette deck (rather expensive) and an old JVC turntable from the 70's.
Hi Again Per.

I have a question for you.. Did you work for a small Engineering firm in the 70 .. mid 80's where you build amps with build in electronic crossovers?

You see my father have some old equipment wich have some rather special modelnumber like you are using... He has only the preamp left...

But the casing which where used for the poweramp look a lot like the old ones shown on your page... A coencidence?