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Mr. Leach's superamp. /w 2 boards

My friend has been trying out the prototype for over a week and I think I should be able to place order for the boards.

Some photos are here :


Like I said, I have plans for 4 but I will need some help to take care of the rest (6/10).

Attach is a photo of some previous made boards.

Please also noted that the way of mounting the board that you would need a little work on the setup.


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2004-06-19 11:30 am
As zaccaro was talking to me on the price ($35/pcs), I am wondering if anyone is interested in the boards but stuck with the price. If you are, can you please leave a post here so that I can have an idea about the # of potential buyers and I can negotiate with the vendor about the price-break quantity and the price.