MPSU 57 / 07 headsup

If you use a faster driver transistor, you need to check the output to see if oscillation is a problem. You should run through a range of loads (speaker and dummy loads with series cap, 0.1uf cap across speaker leads, dummy loads with no capacitance as well as a variety of speaker loads) to determine if the amplifier is going to be stable.

In the older Orion amps, doing something as simple as replacing the old output with new outputs can cause low level oscillation. I tried 'faster' outputs (D44VH10 and D45VH10 - specs very similar to the originals) and it oscillated rail to rail.

Has anyone had trouble with the Central semi components? In every amp that I've seen with the Central parts, at least one of the Central components had failed.
i use BD909/910 or 911/912 for the outputs... i havent ran into any problems using them, but this is just what i can tell by ear.

for the MPSU replacements, im still using transistors like the BD's as pre drive and drivers with the legs bent around to accomodate EBC, and ive been pounding on this amp, and they are still holding up.

on that 2150sx you helped me fix ive changed the pre/driver to BD, outputs to BD, ps fets to 3205, opamps to TI....and it is louder than the other 3 sx's i have... :D this is just a little annoying, because now i have to make the other 3 just as loud. :bawling:

ive changed the tantulums to 25 volt also, with hope that the ps will hold up under 16 volts for competition this season.

btw, the original smp60n06....crosses with ssp60n06 labeled as fairchild, but i think samsung makes them....this fet is also labeled as being 'monitor application specific', as you can see by the triangle on the original smp....but i think the 3205 may be better.