MP930 in crossover

I have doubt about voltage vs resistence linearity.

MP930s are thick film resistores, and I know that in low wattage models linearity is bad ( resistence is not constant when voltage is varying ) but I can not find this spec. in caddock data sheet....

I'm using MP930s in a KEF IQ5 SE crossover network to atenuate tweeter output. They are series connected and value is 2R 0'5 accuracy.

I've changed the originals ones ( ceranic wirewound type ) during a cross upgrade but I'm not sure about sound performance because I've changed the hight-pass capacitor ( now a AMPHOM polypro..) on the same time....

Thanks in avance....


I use them in my xovers, mounted to a small heatsink, in series with the tweeter, and I think they sound very good.

I also tried (in order of preference, best to worst) cheap sand cast wirewounds, Duelund solid graphite, Mundorf MOX, and Mills wirewound. Maybe it's just my system (3 way), ears (old), or tweeters (Peerless HDS), but I like the Caddock's best.

Tom E
Thanks a lot madisonears !

Happy with the big comparison You made...

My speakers are 3 way too. and after crossover upgrade, the improvement was huge.

Was quite radical upgrade : components hard wired ( no PCB now ), OUT all electros ( not so bad Alcap low-loss bipolar ) IN plastic film ( MKT on bass section, MKP mid and MKP on H.F. ), all sections in separated plastic boxes ( damped ), rewired with standard mogami 2.5 mm ofc cables on bass and mid + silver plated copper with ptfe insulator on H.F. ( very, very thin ) all conetion soldered. Cables are same as to amps.

May I will sleep a litle better knowing You like MP930s....

Tanks again for Your sharing