mp3 players with remotes? kit?


2010-09-16 1:02 pm
Hi there I am looking for an MP3 player that I can control with a remote control.

I dont want anything fancy as I am attaching it to my bike, I have a speaker which is in my rear basket where the MP3 player will reside. I dont even care if the player itself has buttons, but I dont want to leave something fragile/expensive like an IPOD touch tied onto my bike.

The remote can even be corded.

Maybe there is an MP3 player kit? Im good with electronics but I dont want to design an MP3 player.

Does this exist?

As a side note I would like to be able to hit a button and have a sound effect play. I imagine I would just have to have a 2nd MP3 player to do this. Is that the best solution?