MP3 Player Inputted to Portable Boomboxes


2007-10-29 1:40 pm
How many of you have modded any given boombox/portable stereo to allow MP3 player to be inputted?

Yes, I did build my own portable "amplified speaker" designed solely to work with MP3 player as source, but...

I thought it might be neat to mod every portable stereo in the house to allow for MP3 input.

The first one was a little Emerson cd/radio jobbie; I just opened the unit and found where the wiring from the preamps (?) for radio and cd go to the volume control, and thence to the speaker amplifier. I simply connected a new input jack for MP3 player to this point on volume control.

I had to put a switch on the radio to turn the inputted radio/cd audio on/off, so that the radio didn't play at the same time as MP3 player, but all modded add-on parts were selected to look like they belong on the unit, so it's no hack-job.

I want to go on to a large JVC boombox I'v got, but I'd be pleased to hear some input if I'm approaching this mod correctly, and how YOU might do it... (I do not plan to get/find the schematic for every unit; trial and error will have to do).

Happy Holidays! :cool: