MP3 from Old Tapes

r_s_dhar said:
Hellow everybody,

I know that there are quite a few downloadable freewares for MP3 compaction. But I have used none and would like advice on the following:

1. can we clean noise from old tapes as we record or thereafter?

2. can we add bass or treble during or after MP3 recording.

3. What best freeware could I use?

1 Yes but if you use DeNoiser (Mac/PC) from Steinberg you will get wonders! Of course not free... This plugin is incredible!!! It makes spectral analysis in realtime and by that "hears" how the noise sounds like. You can also see the spectrogram on the screen in realtime. You have three controls, how much noise you want to remove 0-50 dB(?), the level which you want reduction and if you want some "ambience" added.

2 Yes but usually afterwards, processor power!! My old G3 266 MHz Mac can actually do this in realtime, during recordning.

3 If you have Mac, every Mac since long time back can record (they have hardware) and also use the free iTunes along with freeware/shareware.

I gather you are not using Mac but in the music business Mac is really well functioning. My P4 with Turtle Beach soundcard has software for recording. If you have a soundcard, have you checked the software you have got?
Most commercial editing suites available for the PC could do what your asking, such as CoolEdit. I wouldn't use MP3s, but rather Ogg Vorbis. Ogg Vorbis is open and royalty free, unlike the mp3 format. If you really need to use the mp3 format for some reason, then you can use LAME, which is available for just about every platform available. I assume you're runing windows, if so, there is a number of LAME front-ends available for Windows such as RazorLame.


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2002-09-25 11:01 am
I use Diamond Cut Audio.

It is a demo version, 40 days unlimited use, so if you can convert all your tapes within 40 days, you're home and dry. If you want to use it beyond that, you'll have to pay.

Seriously though, it is a wonderful program and I've restored tapes that are about 26-27 years old, with various kinds of program content, with amazing results, at times better than original.

You can remove noise in about 4 different ways, all of them with different results, and add a huge number of effects, including equalisers, etc.

If you're looking for something free, try Audacity or Soundengine. The results will be subpar, at least compared to a suite like Diamond Cut. All of these will record to .wav, you'll need to convert to MP3 using Lame or Blade. For recording to MP3, you can use MusicMatch Jukebox but I've never done it so you might have to experiment a little.

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