MOX + super regulator wiring

after a long time I finally managed to bring my active x-over project closer to conclusion.

It is based on the MOX boards from the first group buy and it uses a pair of ALW boards for the Jung super regulator.

The supply is taken from a dual 15V 100VA toroid, each secondary is rectified with Fairchild Stealth diodes, smoothed with 4700 uF / 40V Siemens Sikorel caps and feeds a super-regulator.

Being the secondaries dual the supplies are floating and need to be referenced to each other.

Looking at ALW's guide I see that the recommended wiring for multiple loads is like this:


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... however this would mean that I should join the V+ and V- "ground" wires at each of the MOX boards and this maybe is not the best solution so far.... did anyone experience a similar problem?

With the gainclone regulated supply it is suggested to join the "gnd" wires close to the amps and to go from there to the boards... if this better?