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Moving Sale - Greater Toronto Area

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Hello DIYers

We are downsizing and some of my incomplete projects must go...

Lot 1 - Revox A77 Reel to Reel Decks - Revox Gear all Gone...

Up for sale is the following bundle for someone wanting to get into analog tape. The equipment listed below needs the attention of someone who is experienced with analog tape or, is willing to learn. Some audio electronics knowledge is required. My plan was to pull parts from the 7.5IPS deck to restore the 15IPS deck.

1. Revox A77 7.5IPS reel to reel deck
2. Revox A77 15IPS (Rare, high speed) reel to reel deck
3. A set of Revox NAB adaptors
4. Technisch Physikalisches ME104 Wow and Flutter Meter
5. Qty 4 Take up reels
6. Nortronics Alignment Tape

I purchased the decks on Ebay some time ago. They were sold as "functional" but I never got around to testing them and cannot vouch for their operating condition. I understood from the seller that 15IPS machine came from a CBC studio (but can't confirm this)

As a result, these items are being sold as "requiring attention" and as-is. The price is fair and reflects the condition of this gear. I am not willing to sell these items individually. - C$ 400 for the lot. Pictures available.

Lot 2 - Eminent Technology LFT3 speaker panels

I have a pair of HF panels and two pairs of Mid/LF Panels.
My plan was to set these up in a MTM configuration. I also have an unused Behringer DCX2496 that I intended to use as a crossover for these panels.
Make me a reasonable offer for both.

Local sale is preferred as shipping will be cost prohibitive and the driver panels will require crating. I am in the Caledon / Brampton Area.

Lot 3 - Yorkville Unity U215 Speakers

These are from my basement system and can be driven to high levels by a Dynaco ST35! I believe that the unity horns were designed by Tom Danley. Condition is fair but relatively easy to restore. http://yorkville.com/loudspeakers/unity/product/u215/

I'll take $1200 for the pair and once again, local pickup is preferred.

More to come...
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Adding to the list below...

Loads of electronic components - free if you will pick up from my HW10 and Mayfield address.

High Voltage Electrolytics both brand new and pulls 150UF 450V, etc - great for tube amps
loads of 100uF 35 V electrolytics, etc
Metal Film Caps - various values and voltages
Bridge Rectifiers
Diodes = 1n4007's
TO220 Clip on heatsinks and insulators

still more to come.. I'll post pics when everything is laid out.

Must go this weekend!
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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.