movies that are special


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2007-12-31 1:16 am
when i was in high school i used to go to the movies almost every weekend. sometimes i would watch 2 or 3 movies there in one day.

today watching movies could not have been easier. i can watch them in full HD in either of the rooms ... problem is i no longer watch movies ... at all.

its not that the movies have gotten worse ... its that they stayed the same and i am no longer a teenager and cheesy garbage no longer does it for me.

the last movie i saw was "transformers" ... it was a truly awesome movie for an average 13 year old :bawling: ... i was also impressed with General Motors' product placement ...

but looking back at the movies i seen only so many stand out as something actually worth watching or *gasp* recommending.

in fact, at the moment, i can only think of two movies that do not $uck

1 - Robocop ( best movie in history, its almost too good )

2 - American Psycho

and as far as directors go i only have two favorites

1 - Paul Verhoeven

2 - Stanley Kubrick

Robocop has great engineering humor in it ... like when the multi-million-dollar ultimate killing machine tries to walk the stairs and tumbles down, or when the TV shows a car commercial for a detroit-built vehicle and the commercial features a dinosaur which is intended to show how big and powerful the car is but really shows that just like a dinosaur detroit is obsolete.

but robocop is great in other ways too. its a sci-fi action flick that shows more greed and corruption than a good drama about mafia. and even though the movie is very old it is every bit as relevant today. for example the purpose of creating a robocop was pretty much the same as the purpose of creating electronic voting machines. it was to take power from the people and bring it under corporate control. the movie is full of humor and insight.

can you think of any other movies that do not $uck ?