Mounting Ortofon AS 212 on Thorens TD 160 MK II


2010-04-20 11:31 am

I want to build a new armboard for my Thorens TD 160 MK II. Have the stock arm armboard, but I don't think the mounting location is ideal for the AS 212.

I have looked around on the internet, but haven't been able to find
how to recalculate the best location to mount the arm. Was wondering
if anyone could point me in the right direction.

best regards,
Newbie Question - NEED HELP. Sorry for off topic - if your looking for a lenco Turntable what do you do about the voltage being 50hz instead of the 60 hz needed in u.s.??? - thanks need is desperate !

You might look out for a 60Hz motor on ebay, or better yet join up at Lenco Heaven where another forum member may even have one laying around you could purchase.

(Sorry for the thread jack Jonatan.)