Mounting Drivers

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Just got my drivers & tweeters today for my first DIY project!

I have a rather silly question tho' - first Ill give ya'll a link to the driver, and then Ill describe my uncertainty which will in turn give you the question.

What does the websites 'front-rear and recessed mounting' mean? Furthermore, I assume that once Ive mounted the driver on the wood and screwed it in, it will ideally have some sort of rubber or soft film between it and the wood its screwed onto ? If so, whats good cheap common household stuff to use?

I use Audax drivers in my projects - because they're cheap and easily available in the UK via Maplins. Front and Rear recessed mounting is something they put on just about every cone driver they make!

I think it basically means that you can mount the driver either way around...EG facing towards you (the normal way) or with the back and magnet facing you as in an ISObaric configuration....(This is where you mount two drivers with their cones towards each a sarch if you're interested).

There is no Audax driver that I know of that comes with a seal. Furthermore, the chassis is often hollow making it difficult to seal. A normal workaround is to apply a small bead of clear silicon (bathroom sealer) around the recess. Press the driver into it then take it out and wait for it to dry (I hear that prolonged fumes damage the driver)

Hope that helps...I may be proved wrong though!

Thanks for your prompt reply!

And thanks for the tip. I was a little concerned because the chassis (is that what it is?) doesnt look like its meant for an air-tight fit on the underside because as you say - it is hollow. How about some cheap sealant used for woods/glass/whatever?(since I know its cheap and where to get it).

Anything that will make an airtight seal basically. Also, watch out for too many fumes...Most likely is if u can smell'll harm your drivers.

Foam works aswell. The type you would put on Kitchen cabinet doors to stop them banging. This is supplied with Kenwood 12" car subs (I suppose most subs really but that's the one I bought). The thing is, that did not have a hollow chassis.

Foam used to seal the perimeter of doors from drafts might also work well. At the hardware store (at least in the USA) it comes in a roll with your choice of width and depth-like 3/8" wide and 1/4" thick. The rear mounting could also maybe mean (although not for sure) the driver can be mounted on the back of the front baffle as opposed to dropping it on/in from the front--I think its rarely, never, done these days due to diffraction issues though. If you really want airtight 100% silicon is a safe strong material and usually not destructive--its just hard to remove your driver later.
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