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Motorola TO-3 2N5884 and 2N5886

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for Sales Motorola 70 piece 2N5884 TO-3 and 70 piece 2N5886 TO-3 . 2N5884 and 2N5886 are about right for Audio Amplifier repairs. See at John Curl amp : https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/solid-state/107592-john-curl-amp.html

The 2N5886 and 2N5884 transistors were used in the Mark Levinson ML-2 and ML/9 and the Sentec PA-8 Amplifier.
TheY are right for a Harman Kardon Citation 12 copy or repair. Rated for 80V and 200Watt.


Parts are NOS unused I bought them in 1998 from a German Distributor.

Shipping with registered mail. PayPal is accepted buyers needs to pay the additional PayPal fees from 4% with confirmed address!!. Shipping prices are different depends on the country. Register shipping by DHL. Drop me an email if you are interested.




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For the Sentec PA8 2N5880 and 2N5882 were used originaly but 5884/86 was often used as a repair replacement.
Confirming though that 5884/86 was used in ML2 amp. In my opinion the Sentec was the better sounding amp with a normal
speaker (decent load) setup, but the ML2 were an incredible amp in many ways anyhow. Had availability to both/threes in those days
and could listen to both setups side by side on Quad 57ths. single pair.