Motorized Projection Screen?


2001-09-05 6:37 pm
I have indeed thought about it, and am almost finished constructing my screen. I actually made the screen itself from artists canvas and Gesso paint, used a steel support rod intended for clothes rails, and a car window winder motor I got cheap from a surplus store.
I built a wooden frame to hold the mechanism, and am almost ready to mount the contraption to the ceiling. (hopefully this weekend).
The biggest problem was finding a power supply for the motor that provided sufficient power, but I think that is now solved.
Total parts cost is less than $100. Most of the wooden frame work I would have needed anyway even if I bought a screen, as I cannot flush it into the ceiling, so it is surface mounted and disguised in a soffet edged with crown molding to match the rest of the room.
When it's done, I'll try posting pictures