Mosfet's using in driver stage

As a rookie, I try to keep the number of stages as low as possible. This leaded me to the idea to use mosfet's as driver stage, to minimise the influence of the load to my previous stages without using a triple EF.

But, it looks very difficult to find any info on this topic.
Does anybody has some schematics as example to start from? The JC1 schematic would be great! ;)

I would like to use that driver stage behind a JFET (2SK389/2SJ109 input stage). The VAS stage with extra gain will not be a bad idea I think. See a previous thread which I posted before I started building my home (it's ready now).

But instead of mosfet output stage I bought Sanken 2sc2922/2sa1216 BJT's which I would like to use. The dual Jfet's and dual bjt's I have already laying around.

I know John Curl used Mosfet's (2SK1530/2SJ201) as drivers in his JC1 (mentioned in this forum) and that accuphase uses also Mosfet's.

Still, 95% of all schematics I've seen have BJT's implemented as drivers. Can anyone help me to find out the advantages/disadvantages of using Mosfet's VS BJT's as drivers.

Advantage of Fet's
1. No influence from load on output
2. Less predriver/driver stages needed in general
3. Faster than BJT's
4. ??

1. Higher input capacitance
2. ??



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