MOSFET Selection/matching in Objective2 amp

Hi there everyone, I'm getting to the end of my O2 build, and I've hit a bit of a stumbling block. When I ordered the MOSFETs for the amp, I made the mistake of getting a slightly different model for one because I mistook the name for the correct part. The P-channel I got was the standard one shown in the BOM (Fairchild FQU11P06TU - the datasheet is here in case you need to see it), now the problem is with the N-type I selected.

This one is the part listed on the BOM, and the one I bought was this part instead. Its specs seem very similar to me, but I don't know a lot about selecting transistors, especially FETs. I understand that they're supposed to be a "matched pair", and I'm wondering if that means a specific two parts that are designed to work together, or just having the specs matched "close enough" to work together.

Will this part work at all? Maybe just with a slight degradation in performance, or just straight up not work properly? I'd ideally like to use it and save the money and wait for postage in getting a new part, but I'm not going to ruin my amp with a few dollars of transistor if it'll make it sound like crap. Also, I was hoping someone could direct me to the correct part in to-92 (IPAK) package, since at this point, The p channel is a to-92 and the other is a huge to-220 and it looks silly to me. Obviously this isn't a big deal if it doesn't exist, but it'd be nice, since everything else on the PCB looks nice and symmetrical... ;) I've found that appearances are very important in achieving ultimate sound quality :rolleyes:

Thanks for your time!:)