Morel drivers

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Hi Simon

Just got back from two weeks working in in your great country! :)

You may not get many replies to your post, not from rudeness, but because Morel drivers are only used in Europe, and most contributors here are from the States, ( and of course Antipodeans!).

I haven't used Morel drivers for a good few years, but when I did, the mid and bass drivers were very good value, but the tweeters a bit iffy.

My favorite was a five inch mid/ bass called something like mw140, that was great for smaller two way systems.

Good luck
I wouldn´t say they are the best.

I don´t prefer their sound. I have also seen a few reports in the Audioxpress magazine that their quality is fallen the last years due to bad production in Israel.

I would look around a little bit for French or Scandinavian speakers. Audax, Focal, Seas, Scanspeak are some of my favourates.
I use Morel MTD 32S (shielded) tweeter combined with seas aluminium midwoofer in my small satellites. While I must admit that I have heard some slightly better tweeters, like Seas Millennium for an example, those Morels have the best sound/price ratio you can get (especially if you'll check out the price for them from I would put them into same league with Scan Speak 9300/9500 and Dynaudio D260. For the tweeter witch is a bit more revealing, you will pay a lot more also.
One more thing to consider is that, if you use a very high quality and revealing tweeter (like ribbons) with not so revealing midwoofer (like most polyprop cone drivers tend to be) you will immediately notice that the woofer falls behind in sound quality and the sound coherency is upset.

I have the MDT33. presently they are being used in a system I built for my brother in law (wife's brother - I built another system for my sister's husband; my other BIL). WWMT using 2x Focal 8N515, 1x Audax HM170Z0 and Morel MDT33.

I like the sound. compared to the Dynaudio D28af it is very similar. little tizzier than the Scan Speak 9500. I little softer than the SS 9900. not as extended as the Dynaudio D21af. and not as detailed as the Focal T120.

I have used the MW160 and 162 but in a car enviroment. i dont know how you can compare that. At one time Morel had a division called Macrom and I got drivers from them.

In general while Morel are good they are not nesscary the best in the range however I feel the MDT33 is an excellent tweeter esp for high power needs. I have used 4 since 1988 in various systems. I like them as you get them in matched pairs and now you get them so the voice coils can be changed. the old ones you had to destroy the tweeter if you burn them out.
--Has any one of you any experience with the drivers of Morel ???

I have some 6.5" woofers (midranges) and the low
sensitivity rating of their woofers and midranges
just doesn't work for me. Look at their sensitivity
graphs, 80db - 87db. You need some serious power
to get these drivers to reach their performance levels,
the woofer I have is just unacceptable when feeding it
200 watts. On the other hand, using high sensitivity drivers
95db - 100db, the music comes alive with 200w of power,
ie, Focal, PHL, etc.

People say their tweeters are good, I forget the model
number, perhaps the one mentioned in the above post
sound about right.
I am using a set of MW160's (at least I believe that this is the model #) freeair in my doors running bandpass from 50hz @24db to 300hz with around 100wrms each. I like the sound alot, but find these speakers suffer from bad compression in this application and cannot handle the bass. If anyone knows what kind of sealed enclosure would work well with these It would be of great assistance. Otherwise, great speakers!
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