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More Toroidal Transformers and Heatsinks

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Hello Folks,

Its Spring Cleaning time in the lab and I've found a few more new and unused transformers and heatsinks.

First up are 50VA Talema-Amveco 115V/230V : 12V/24V. SOLD!

Next are 30VA and 100VA Avel Lindbergs 115/230V : 12V/24V. 30VA is gone, $45 for the 100VA

Next are a pair of encapsulated 35VA Talema-Amveco 115V/230V : 12V/24V. I have 2 at $25/ea

Next is not a toroidal but it is a transformer. Triad tube supply, 480VCT @ 50mA, 6.3V and 5V secondaries as well. May be used but still test good, $25

Now the heatsinks!
Two pair of short-n-fat, 3.5" x 2.625" x 1.375" high, $10/pair, ONE PAIR LEFT!

Two pair of long-n-skinny, 1.625" x 5.375" x 1.375" high, SOLD!

Lastly, one pair of sinks from an old Sanyo car stereo, anodized black, great shape, 2.125" x 7.875" x 1.75", SOLD!

I'm going to use USPS's "if it fits, it ships" box. The smallest box will hold two heatsinks or three transformers. If you buy multiple transformers and they fit in the box, the shipping cost is still $5.50.
The tube transformer and black heatsinks may need a larger box, so the price may be a bit higher.

Best way to get hold of me is PM!

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Some Transformers Left, Now With Tubes!!

Hi Folks,

I'm almost done cleaning up and have gotten to the tubes. All are NOS unless noted, shipping is $5.25 for 1-12 tubes (the most I can fit in a flat rate box!).


(2) 12BH7A Tung-Sol A++, matched pair 2580/2600 & 2950/2900, black plates, halo getter, amazingly beautiful tubes, look like they were made yesterday.

(3) 12BH7A RCA A, not matched, black plates, D getter

(1) 12BH7A RCA Used, black plates, D getter

(1) 12BH7A Sylvania Used, in RCA box, black plates, D getter

(4) 12AX7 JHS/Sylvania A+, NOS dated 4-59, worn brown boxes
$60/set of 4 or $12/ea

(2) 12AX7 EH A, white boxes

(2) 5670W JAN A++, NOS dated 12/87, cute little things

(2) 12B4A JAN/GE A++, dated 12/85

(2) 12B4A RCA Used lightly, white box

(2) 5965 JAN/GE A, NOS dated 9/57, rough boxes

(2) 5755 JAN/Raytheon A++, NOS dated 8/79

(1) 5751 JAN/GE A++, NOS dated 8/87

(3) 6922 JAN/Philips A++, NOS dated 3/86

(2) 6922 Sovtek A++, mismatched pair, one Sovtek, other some Russian brand

(1) 5Y3WGTA JAN/CBS A++, NOS beautiful brown base from 1959

(1) 12X4 Dynaco A++

(5) 6BQ7A RCA A++, individually boxed and then in sleeve of (5)

(2) 6AN8 RCA A++

Don't be afraid to make offers!

Best way to reach me is PM!

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.